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We invite a small group of curious people to have a discussion and do a deep dive into a big question.


A weekly newsletter with the best links about how people collaborate, create social impact and build community.


Interviews with remarkable collaborators who succeed together not in spite of their differences but because of them.

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A roundup of the best links on how people collaborate, create social impact and build community. 


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How to overcome regret and not be a cog in the wheel of life

Everyone has regrets, especially in the short term, which can feel devastating at the time....


Intimate kindness unites people

Kindness has different meanings but is fundamentally about "open-heartedness". A better life for the individual leads to a better... 


The Notorious RBG: How to cooperate and succeed as a rebel

It’s rare to be globally recognized for your independent “rebellious” views and on the one hand, and for your conviction for collegi...

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