About Us

The Collaborate for Purpose podcast and 'kitchen table' event series explores how people succeed together not in spite of their differences but because of them.

 We explore big questions around sensitive topics that move from being solo or divisive to a collaborative perspective. We cover topics like self-improvement, social justice, and managing change.
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The Collaborate for Purpose podcast talks to people prefer to collaborate and solve big challenges together. Their preference is to be part of an ensemble rather than go it alone. 
We discuss how creativity, collaboration, and improvisation make people better. In season 1, you'll hear stories about how they found their way and how you can too. How the need to collaborate for purpose helps people dig out of holes, see opportunities, and thrive.


A "kitchen table" conversation is an informal dialogue around a big question. They happen once or twice a month in a safe and comfortable space. Here, it is ok to disagree, air differences of opinions, be funny, confirm or repudiate assumptions, and find new and innovative ways to observe or resolve a problem. The most important part of a conversation is to respect everyone around the table.

Flavian DeLima

Host and Facilitator of the CFP Podcast and Dialogues

  • I'm curious and like to think I'm a resilient and resourceful person. I don't have the answers but am pretty good at seeing what's possible when I talk with others about some of today's big challenges.